CSEPEL D-450 lorry

The model

In 1949, the People's Economic Council decided to establish the Csepel Automotive Factory, which operated between 1949 and 1996. Until 1968, its core activity was the manufacturing of lorry, before becoming a supplier of Ikarus.

The vehicle

The production of the Csepel D-450 model commenced in 1960 and lasted until 1972, during which as many as 39 variants were produced. This was the first Csepel lorry of which a semi-trailer truck version was also produced. The lorry purchased in the context of collection development was used primarily for carrying bulk and parcel goods.

Salvaging the vehicle

Its restoration will commence at the museum after the exhibition.


Year of manufacturing:      1960-72
Weight:                             5700 kg
Top speed:                       55 km/h