Admission information

Rules for visiting the temporary exhibition of the Hungarian Museum of Technology and Transport in the Northern Maintenance Depot.


Epidemics Control regulations


According to current regulations, wearing a mask or holding an immunity certificate are no longer mandatory for visiting the exhibition.

We kindly ask you to use the disinfectants put out for you. Please keep a 1.5-metre distance, which does not apply to those of the same household.


Limitation on the number of people entering and the admission tickets' period of validity

Due to fire safety and security reasons, a maximum of 260 people can enter the exhibition at any one time.

 Admission is therefore broken down by time slots. The maximum stay is 2 hours from the start of the ticket's validity time. The validity time of the ticket is indicated on the ticket itself. We also ask you to put the sticker you receive with the ticket on your clothing conspicuously so that our staff can check the ticket's validity.

 To comply with the above rules, please arrive 15 minutes before your chosen time of entrance. We will provide a tent-shaded area for the waiting time.


Buying tickets; payments


We kindly ask you that if you are in the position, please buy your ticket in advance or at one of our official online sites to avoid queuing and secure your booking:

• on our website at: jegy.kö,

• in downtown surroundings, at the ticket office of the Museum of Electrical Engineering, the member institution of the Hungarian Museum of Science, Technology and Transport, at 1075 Budapest, 21, Kazinczy Street,

• on the venue of the exhibition.


Would you please prefer contactless payments with any of your purchases related to the temporary exhibition (tickets, shop, etc.)

Tickets purchased online can be presented in a hard copy on your phone or tablet. We will check that in a contactless way at the entrance.




We kindly ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your booked time. Have your immunity certificate or downloaded electronic vaccination certificate and photo ID ready for inspection. We are obliged to check them at the entrance by the provision of the law.

If you do not have your immunity certificate or your photo ID on you, you will not be allowed to visit the exhibition. We kindly ask you, therefore, to purchase your ticket only if you have an immunity certificate.


Rules related to tickets


Besides fees for guided tours and museum education programmes, visitors shall also purchase admission tickets.

 Visitors may avail of age-related allowances by presenting students card and photo ID; pensioners allowance is available if a retirement ID card is presented.


Admission is free for (Certificate and ID must be presented upon entry for discount)

• children under 6, and people over 70,

• people with disabilities according to 4. § a) of Act No. XXVI of 1998, on the rights and equal opportunity of people with disabilities,

• at most one person accompanying a person with a disability,

• people having a pass for professionals issued by the secretary of state,

• members of a nationwide professional public collection organization having at least 400 members (Pulszky Society – Hungarian Museum Association, Hungarian Librarians' Association, Hungarian Archivists' Association),

• teachers working in public education and vocational education (presenting their teacher's ID valid for the year),

• ICOM cardholders,

• people working for public education institutions, museums, archives, libraries in states specified by Szátv. (Act No. LXII on Hungarians living in neighbouring countries) having a Hungarian ID or a Hungarian relatives' ID, presenting their certified legal status as an employee of those institutions attestedly presented to the foreign representation.


Those eligible for discount-price (50%) admission:

• visitors from the age of 6 to turning 26,

• people over 62,

• those accompanying and (according to the Civil Code) a close relative of at least two people, under 18 (at most 2 people),

• receiving an old-age pension in compliance with 18. § (2a) of Act No. LXXXI of 1997 on retirement pension provided by National Insurance.


Tickets purchased for the temporary exhibition of the Northern Maintenance Depot are valid in all other member institutions of the Museum for a one-time admission.


Admission is free on national and public holidays ( August 20th, October 23rd).


At your own risk! 

Please do not stray from the designated path at the exhibition.

Please note that you take part in the programme at your own risk. We kindly ask parents to explicitly pay attention to the bodily health of minors under their supervision, especially in the vicinity of the exhibited vehicles and other objects.

Please note that the exhibition is in the area of an industrial hall closed down 15 years ago, so please wear suitable clothing. The Museum takes no responsibility for unexpected accidents, injuries, theft, damaged objects, and damages of clothing technologies or other accessories of the visitors occurring due to the state of the hall or weather conditions.

Please also note that to maintain the authentic atmosphere in the exhibition area, there might be pipes or fittings sticking out. Although those are not live, we still ask you to pay explicit attention to your safety in the vicinity of those objects and temporarily slippery areas or those having stumbling jeopardy.


Exhibit protection


For the protection of our exhibits, we kindly ask you to refrain from touching the objects.


Cloakroom, taking objects to the area of the exhibition

We provide you with lockers where you can safely place your clothing or large-size objects. The use of those lockers is free; they work with a 100-HUF coin, which is reimbursed after use. Please leave your larger-than-30×40×20-cm things (rucksack, handbag carrier bag) in those lockers.

 Eating or drinking in the exhibition area is prohibited, as is taking in bottles or food, except if healthcare reasons justify it. In that case, you can take in with you the necessary amount of liquid, dextrose, biscuits, etc.

It is also prohibited to take in live animals, except for service dogs.

Taking in pricking and cutting tools, or any other things that might jeopardize visitors and staff's safety and bodily health, or the state of the exhibits is also prohibited.

Taking in small vehicles such as skateboards, roller skates, scooters, motor scooters, etc., is also not permitted. You can leave those objects at the bicycle rack to the left of the main entrance at your own risk.




The entrance of the Northern Maintenance Depot is accessible from the parking lot of the Opera's Eiffel Workshop. Unfortunately, due to lack of space, we cannot offer you parking on the spot. Still, the Northern Maintenance Depot is easily accessible by public transport. Thus we kindly suggest you use sustainable public transport if you can.
Please find further details in the 'Access' section.

We provide three universally accessible parking spaces for people with disabilities and two parking spaces for buses for those who arrive with a group. So please, if you wish to use one of those spaces, send us a notification on the e-mail address as follows:


Taking photos, making videos


Visitors are allowed to take photos and make videos. However, using a flashlight, tripod or selfie-stick and stabilizer with your smartphone is not permitted. In addition, snapshots and recordings may only be used for your own personal purposes and putting them on the market is prohibited.


The exhibition is universally accessible


The exhibition is universally accessible from the direction of the main entrance. There are three parking slots reserved for people with disabilities. There are no stairs in the exhibition area, and there is a universally accessible restroom for the visitors.


Smoking outside the exhibition area


Smoking is forbidden in the entire exhibition area in the Diesel Hall, which applies to regular and electric cigarettes. Therefore, smoking is allowed only in the designated area.


For the attention of parents with small children


The exhibition's theme and the museum educational activities provide equally exciting adventures for both the little ones and the grown-ups. However, children under the age of two are allowed to be carried in the exhibition area in proms, buggies or baby carriers fixed on the front or back of the adult's body. Proms and buggies are to be pushed and are not allowed in the area folded. Please mind your children and watch out for their bodily health.


Visitor groups


The group leaders, accompanying teachers or parents (or outside guides with an ad hoc special permit) are responsible for the group members' compliance with the rules of visiting the exhibition.


The use of mobile phones


You can take your mobile with you into the exhibition area, but please do not disturb the other visitors by speaking loudly. Please turn down your phone and do not use it for chatting.


Opening hours


Thursday to Sunday from 12:00 to19:00


The exhibition closes at 19:00, and we kindly ask you to leave the exhibition when the closing staff appears and leave the premises at the indicated time.


Money-back guarantee


If you disagree with visitors' rules, you are entitled to ask for a refund of your ticket before inspection and after producing the receipt of purchase on any given day, up to the closing time of the ticket office.


Thank you so much for being so cooperative, and we wish you a pleasant visit to our Museum.


Admission information