The collection in focus section displays the vehicles acquired by the Transport Museum in recent years, along with some prominent features of the collection. The aim of the exhibition is to draw attention to the background work of the restoration workshops, allowing visitors to see the vehicles in their original condition.

The Transport Museum is one of the oldest transport museums in Europe; its mission is to preserve characteristic forms of transport of bygone eras, along with the internationally renowned products of Hungarian bus and railway vehicles for future generations.

Much of the collection could not be displayed in the former building in the City Park, due to a lack of space. Some of the most important vehicles of recent decades were previously not featured in the museum at all. Due to the decision adopted in May 2021 the government allocated a sum of nearly 7 billion forints for the renewal of the collection and for the preservation of the national cultural technical and transport heritage.

We are planning to restore more than a hundred high-value large size vehicles along with countless other objects (models, uniforms, maps etc.). Major efforts have also been made for acquiring one of each of the signature vehicles that were in use on the Hungarian roads and railway lines.

Our temporary exhibition displays a number of vehicles purchased by the Museum under the collection development programme, which can also be displayed at the new Transport Museum’s permanent exhibition. The enhanced and renewed collection is scheduled to open to visitors in 2026.