BDdf (BDt) 318 driving trailer

The model

In the late 1960s, MÁV manufactured the BDt driving trailer by converting passenger carriages. In the original type designation, “B” referred to second class, “D” referred to the luggage compartment, while the lower case “t” indicated the remote control device, i.e. the driver's cab.

The vehicle

The introduction of the DBt driving trailers in suburban traffic enabled the operation of commuter trains with an V43 (Szili) electric locomotive, compatible with the BDt, connected to the other end, substantially reducing the time spent at terminal stations.

Salvaging the vehicle

The No. 318 was the last model of the 300 series that was used in passenger transport; it was decommissioned by MÁV on 19 February 2022. It was the first time in nearly four decades that a standard gauge railway vehicle has been added to the collection of the Transport Museum. This is also the first driving trailer in our collection.


year of manufacturing:       1965-1970
weight:                              40,000 kg
capacity:                           56 seats
maximum permitted speed 100 km/h