Citroen DS

The model

The Citroen DS, “Goddess”, one of the 20th century’s most iconic car models, was presented to the general public at the 1955 Paris Motor Show. As many as 80,000 orders were received for the streamlined avant-garde design model during the show itself. Nearly 1.5 million units were manufactured of the model which comprised a variety of major technological innovations.

The vehicle

Its hydro-pneumatic running gear was the model’s most important innovation. This was the first time plastic dashboards, front disk brakes, semi-automated gear shifts and cornering headlights were produced in high volume.

Salvaging the vehicle

The car, manufactured in 1974, was fully refurbished by its previous owner, restoring its original, serviceable condition in terms of both its mechanics and looks. The car was donated to the Museum’s collection by Imre Pákozdi.



year of manufacturing:      1955 / 1975
weight:                              1310 kg
top speed:                         190 km/h