Dacia 1300

The model

The manufacturing of the Dacia 1300 model was launched in 1969 in the town of Mioveni under a licence contract with the French Renault company. The 1300 and 1310 models – of which the latter was released in 1979 – continued to be widely used in Eastern Bloc countries until the change of regime: nearly 2 million of the cars were sold in total.

The vehicle

At the time, the Romanian-made car was widely used in Hungary; more than a hundred thousand Dacias were in use on Hungarian roads in the 1980s.

Salvaging the vehicle

The vehicle was added to our collection in mint condition – it is one of the key pieces of the Museum’s nostalgia park.


Year of manufacturing:      1969 - 2004
Weight:                             930 kg
Top speed:                       140 km/h