Ford Model T (12.2001.2.1)

The model

A legendary piece of the history of car making: the Ford Model T. Two renowned Hungarian designers, József Galamb and Jenő Farkas also participated in the creation of the model for commercial production. Ford manufactured it for nearly 20 years from 1908, selling more than 15 million units of this model.

The vehicle

The unparalleled success of the vehicle was based on the simplicity and functionality of its design. The affordable Model T became a popular car of middle-class owners in the US. The car on display was manufactured in 1926.

Salvaging the vehicle

It was added to the collection following its complete restoration, in a roadworthy condition. It is one of the iconic pieces of the Museum’s nostalgia park.


year of manufacturing:      1908 / 1927
weight:                              540 kg
top speed:                         64 - 72 km/h