The model

State and party leaders of the Eastern Bloc countries had the privilege of using GAZ-12 ZIM cars for official purposes. The model – just like the factory producing it – was named Zavod Imenni Molotov (ZIM) from 1935 to 56, in honour of the Soviet foreign minister at the time, Molotov. More than 21,000 units of the model were manufactured between 1950 and 1960.

The vehicle

100 such vehicles were brought to Hungary between 1952 and 1959. In this period, private individuals were not allowed to own cars in Hungary. Interestingly, the same ZIM model was used in the iconic film The Witness (A Tanú).

Salvaging the vehicle

The luxury limousine was added to the Museum’s collection a few months ago. It is still in a serviceable condition.


year of manufacturing:      1950 / 1960
weight:                              1900 kg
top speed:                         120 km/h