GAZ-21 Volga

The model

The new Volga M21 type series was completed in 1953 as an upgrade of the GAZ-M20 Pobeda model. These Volgas were produced in the car factory constructed between 1929 and 1931 by the US ford company in Nizhni Novgorod (Gorky).

The vehicle

The car body is strongly reminiscent of American cards, particularly the Chevrolet Bel Air, the Plymouth Savoy and the Ford Mainline. The Volga was on display at the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels where it won the exhibition’s Grand Prix.

Salvaging the vehicle

After some minor refurbishment, the model will also be on display at the new Transport Museum


year of manufacturing:      1956 / 1970
weight:                             1350 kg
Top speed:                       130 km/h