Ikarus 556

The model

The solo urban variant of the first bus family with self-supporting chassis self-developed by Ikarus (Ikarus 180-556). It was designed by László Finta, designer of the subsequent Ikarus 200 series.

The vehicle

A total of 275 Ikarus 556 buses were in service in Budapest, after the model family went into production in 1968. Both the solo (Ik-556) and the articulated (Ik-180) variants were sold to the GDR, the Soviet Union, Egypt and Tunisia, establishing the success of Ikarus as an exporter.

Salvaging the vehicle

This is the only remaining vehicle of the 556 series, now part of the Transport Museum’s collection. Its complete restoration is scheduled to commence soon.


year of manufacturing:      1965 / 1973
weight:                              8200 kg
capacity:                           100