Ikarus 66.62 bus, “Rumpy”

The model

Between 1952 and 1973, Ikarus sold as many as 9259 units of this model to 10 countries worldwide. This was the bus model that was used in the largest number on the roads of Hungary prior to the Ikarus 200 model family. Its unique design, resulting from its rear-mounted engine, earned its nickname “rumpy”.

The vehicle

The Rumpy on display at the Museum is one of the last vehicles to roll off the production line in 1973. Originally, it belonged to the fleet of the No. 14 VOLÁN of Székesfehérvár. Later it was used as a beekeeper’s bus.

Salvaging the vehicle

The beekeeper’s bus, found in a rather sad condition of disrepair, was fully restored by the Transport Museum. What’s more, its original engine was successfully renovated, enabling it to be driven on roads even today.


year of manufacturing:       1952/1973
weight:                              9300 kg
capacity:                           60