MÁVAG LO 3500 lorry (

The model

Magyar Királyi Állami Vas- és Gépgyárak (Hungarian Royal State Iron and Machine Works, MÁVAG) began manufacturing motor vehicles in 1925. MÁVAG concluded a licence contract first with Fiat and subsequently with Daimler-Benz for the manufacturing of 1-5 ton undercarriages.

The vehicle

They built buses, lorries with platforms and closed cargo vehicles and even fire trucks, on the LO 3500 type undercarriage. From this particular type, only the model on display in the Museum’s collection has survived to date.

Salvaging the vehicle

This is the first time the vehicle is on display and its comprehensive restoration is scheduled to begin in the near future.


Weight:                             3500 kg
Year of manufacturing:      1926 - 1944
Top speed:                        55 km/h