Pannónia T8 motorcycle

The model

The manufacturing of motorcycles commenced immediately after the end of World War Two at the Weiss Manfréd factory in Csepel, the only motorcycle factory in Hungary.

The vehicle

Upon the launch of the new model in 1954, its brand name was changed to Pannónia. The T8 was manufactured with a modified piston head, a higher compression ratio and a modified control system in 1962, specifically for export purposes.

Salvaging the vehicle

The specimen on display at the exhibition was manufactured in 1964, specifically for foreign markets – subsequent to its manufacturing, it was exported to the United States. It was never sold by the US dealership, so it has a total mileage of 150 miles, which means it is practically in mint condition. It was purchased under the priority collection development program. It returned to its country of origin after a lengthy journey and nearly six decades after it was manufactured.



Weight:                             130 kg
Year of manufacturing:      1954 - 1975
Top speed:                       120 km/h