RÁBA Tr 3.5

The model

The first domestic light metal plated bus on a self-supporting chassis. It is also one of the last models with a petrol engine. It was manufactured at the RÁBA factory in 1948.

The vehicle

This vehicle featured excellent technical solutions, yet due to its small size it could not be successfully implemented in the Budapest public transport system. In order to reduce congestion, part of the floor area was even blocked off from passengers and the seats were rearranged. The partition wall between the platform and the passenger compartment was removed and the vehicle did not even have a separate driver’s cab.

Salvaging the vehicle

For decades after its scrapping, the bus was left in a yard in the town of Érd, for better days to come. Its owner worked as a driver for the Budapest bus operation company called Fővárosi Autóbusz Üzem (FAÜ) and once it was scrapped, he purchased it to be set up in his yard. The vehicle has been fully refurbished by László Fung and his son, Dávid. It is on display in the exhibition thanks to a cooperation agreement. This is the only remaining – serviceable – bus of this model.


year of manufacturing:      1948 / 1950
weight:                              3750 kg
capacity:                           55