Rosenbauer Dragon FOAM-2

The model

This custom made Austrian fire truck was put into service in 1996 at the Budapest Ferihegy Airport. The model was the most advanced airport fire truck at the time, yet its performance is still appreciable today.

The vehicle

The FOAM2 airport fire truck – suitable for fire extinguishing with both water and foam – was in service for nearly 22 years at the airport. The 38.5 ton vehicle, capable of achieving speeds of up to 127 km/h in an emergency, has a 500 litre foam generator unit. Its larger water cannon can deliver 6,000 litres of water per minute, while the smaller cannon can help put out fires under aircraft wings, at 1000 litres per minute.


Salvaging the vehicle

The fire truck was decommissioned upon the introduction of the new Austrian Panther models. The vehicle was donated to the Museum’s collection by Budapest Airport Zrt..



year of manufacturing:      1996
weight:                              38,500 kg
top speed:                         127 km/h